Active by the water

Welcome to the land of Neptune. Kayaks, windsurfing, exploring the city on SUP. From relaxing on yachts to zumba on the beach. Everyone will find something for themselves in Gdańsk.

Kayaking down the Motlawa

Are you dreaming of seeing Gdańsk from a kayak? Join an easy kayaking tour that bypasses the tourist crowds to see the most interesting places from the water. The organizers ensure a wonderful and safe kayaking adventure under the supervision of a guide.

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Yacht rental

Charter a luxurious yacht and embark on a cruise around Gdansk Bay to witness the beauty of Gdansk and Tricity from a new perspective – on the water.  From aboard our yachts you can marvel at the beauty of old Gdansk, the industrial atmosphere of the port and Gdansk Shipyard, as well as such historic buildings as Wisloujscie Fortress, Westerplatte and the vintage lighthouse and its time capsule.

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Water sports

All those looking for extreme experiences and a rush of adrenaline should visit the Bay, whose shallow waters and favourable winds are perfect for water sports. Under the watchful eye of local instructors, you can try windsurfing, which combines surfing and sailing. 
You can also try your hand at kitesurfing. Flyboarding is yet another adrenaline-packed activity. With the help of special footgear, you can hover several meters above the water. If you have a need for speed, you can also rent a water scooter.


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Pirate ship cruise

As you are walking along the Motlawa, you can’t help but notice the beautiful ships stylised to look like 17th-century galleons. These are the “Lew” (Lion) and “Czarna Perla” (Black Pearl). Both ships sail under the Polish flag and offer cruises to Westerplatte via the Gdansk Shipyard, the Renovation Shipyard, the docks, port and Wisloujscie Fortress, and also around Gdansk Bay. To make your trip an even more pleasurable experience, the organisers offer live music, delicious snacks and drinks from the ship’s bar and professional waiting staff. 

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Cruises with Zegluga Gdanska

If you want to go on a longer cruise, take advantage of the services of Zegluga Gdanska, whose ships sail from Gdansk to Westerplatte, Sopot and Hel. This way you can also avoid traffic jams, as the routes to Hel are sometimes very crowded, especially in the summertime. The ships depart from the vicinity of the Fish Market.

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SUP is not just a water sport or a fun activity. It is a team building tool for a community of people who love physical activity and are connected to water. You don't need to own equipement - you just rent it at an attractive price. This sport is getting more popular with every year, and that's for a good reason! It also allows to discover Gdansk from a brand new perspetive - water. 

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Catamaran cruises

Catamaran cruises on the Motława River are a perfect idea for an extraordinary sightseeing experience that you will never forget. During the hour-long cruise you can admire, among others: the Old Town, the Żabi Kruk marina, Szafarnia and the Imperial marina, and the Shipyard with its cranes.

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